Adult Entertainment Venues & Bars in London

Like every big city in the world, London has its fair share of adult entertainment venues and bars. In fact, you could say that London was the first of the modern big cities to have a substantial area devoted to the ‘needs of the night’. Soho, in the City of Westminster, was for much of the twentieth century London’s premier home to the sex industry and its entertainments. That, alas for many, is not the case anymore, with regentrification transforming the area into an upmarket home to media offices and fine dining restaurants. A few sex shops remain, so where have the sordid goodies got to?

Well, Bethnal Green offers some tasteful pole dancing babes at Metropolis with three floors of gyrating beauties bending over backwards to please your eye. Open Monday to Friday from 7pm to 4am this joint is guaranteed to get your attention.

234 Cambridge Heath Road, London.

0207 629 2042

Charlies Club offers 2 for 1 drinks before 10pm as an incentive to get punters in early. Very yummy girls doing their dirty dances on stage and a warm and inviting ambience fills the place. Open Monday to Friday, from 6pm.

37 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3AN

020 7402 3826

23 Paul Street describe themselves as a place for the discerning rascal, which I kind of like. There does seem to be a bit of an ‘old worldly’ theme in the marketing of these adult entertainment venues. But I suppose sex is a pretty old fashioned concept when you come to think about it. A nipple visible here juxtaposed against something hard like leather, which is contrasted again by lace. Good looking girls being naughty but desirous of being treated nicely by the appreciative audience. Open Monday to Friday, 7pm to 3am.

23 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A4JU

20 7638 4601

Returning to Soho, and a little bit of its two hundred year sexy history. In the 1960’s it was home to around a hundred strip clubs and they employed some quaint euphemisms in their endeavours to market their services to the punters. Little signs in windows and doorways would offer ‘Large Chest for Sale’ or ‘French Lessons Given’. Ah the good old days hey.